Working documents

The Federation of Auditors of Ukraine announces the release of the second edition of the manual "Auditor's Working Papers Lid Skedyula and the Audit Sample Program" by Yulia Bondar.

The scientific-practical publication is aimed at assisting auditors in documenting the organization and implementation of audits and is recommended by the Board of the Union of Auditors of Ukraine and the Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors of Ukraine for use as training information and a scientific-practical publication for auditors, assistant auditors, and quality controllers.

For the purchase of the second edition of the guide "Auditor's Working Papers" and the Audit Sampling Program, you can contact the following telephone numbers:

+38 044 291 30 14

+38 097 484 04 88

Contents of the second edition of the manual "Auditor's working documents Lid Skedula and the Audit Sample Program".pdf